Douglas Rosa’s museum quality, masterpiece paintings were created to illustrate Dr. Walter Russell Bowie’s books The Living Stories of the Old Testament and The Living Stories of the New Testament. The collection of thirty-seven colorful illustrations is beautiful and awe-inspiring and would enhance any area of a church or temple. 

To make that possible, the entire collection of Rosa paintings has been reproduced on canvas and artfully enhanced with UV filtering clear acrylic to add depth and replicating the artist’s original brushstrokes. The result, original looking museum quality works of art offered at a fraction of the price of what the original paintings would cost.

The reproductions can be purchased individually and can be used simply for display or to help raise funds for any organization.

What a wonderful way to honor, remember or pay tribute to someone.

The Rosa Painitng are now owned and part of the permenent collection of the A.E. Backus Museum in Fort Pierce, Florida. Part of the proceeds of the sales of the reproductions goes to preserve and protect the original Rosa paintings for generations to come.